Commercial property management

Commercial properties are based on commerce. At Almeda, we know that the aim of your commercial properties or portfolios is to generate profits or rental income.

To truly maximise the capital value of your commercial outlets, whether office buildings, hotels, retail shops, restaurants or other facilities, we offer effective management services – both individual or as part of an integrated system. This enables you to spend more time on running your business and enhancing profits, rather than chasing people for rent or dealing with the upkeep of properties.

Almeda take the hassle away. We inspect properties on a regular basis, liaise with tenants and report back to you in an efficient manner. With such a wide knowledge of facilities management, we are able to provide informed strategic advice, helping you to protect and optimise the current and future value of your commercial property or portfolio.

We also know that no two clients or buildings are the same. We deliver a tailor-made service that matches your requirements and priorities. Our services for commercial property management include:


  • Rent, deposits and leases: We remove the hassle that comes with paying or collecting rent, whether you are letting a property from your portfolio or are a business renting an office space. We also make sure deposits are held in the appropriate schemes and lease payments are kept up to date.
  • Budgeting/consultation for service charges: We help you to optimise your budgets, including finding the best solutions to manage energy consumption and other utilities. Effective service change management from Almeda improves occupier satisfaction and reduces the risk profile of property portfolios.
  • Expenditure management: We help to future proof your commercial property or portfolio by consistently reviewing your output/input ratio, removing the risk of debt.
  • Procurement: Where goods and services are acquired from a different organisation or firm, we ensure that you get the best value for money.
  • Insurance management: Almeda ensure that you and your commercial property are protected against specific future risks, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • VAT returns: Almeda will prepare all your VAT returns for you, removing the worry of keeping up to date with payments.


  • Sustainability: We ensure that your work practices, product supplies and general ethics comply with sustainable corporate responsibility.
  • Statutory HR compliance: Almeda develops systems to ensure that your business or commercial property complies with regulations for the treatment of employees or staff. This includes making the building fully accessible.
  • Contractor management: In addition to on-site staff, we manage contractors’ health and safety information, insurance information, training programs and specific documents that relate to the contractor and the owner client.
  • Fire/health and safety regulations: We are fully qualified to future proof your building and employees – we effectively assess and manage risks to employees and others arising from work activities in your commercial properties.


  • Consultation and reviews of annual service charge budgets: At Almeda, we analyse and collate all of the paper work and provide you with future strategies.
  • Monthly review of service charge reports: We review your actual costs versus budgets, and help to future proof budgets (and therefore profits).
  • Collation for clients: We create bespoke quarterly client reports, showing them the information they really want to see, helping to maintain strong partnerships (without the jargon).

Almeda can successfully manage your commercial property with general upkeep, scheduled maintenance and the implementation of individual or integrated systems, whether hard (including repairs), soft (including cleaning and waste management) or sustainability based.