Facilities management

Facilities management (FM) is the administration of a business with regards to managing space, people, infrastructure, buildings and business processes.

A facilities management company supports everyday business operations by providing services that save time, money and resources. FM is especially useful when it comes to the day-to-day running of a busy organisation, a demanding building or site, or a business spanning several locations..

A facilities management consultancy goes much further, offering strategic insights and advice about what changes can be made to improve business performance.

Why outsource your facilities management?

By outsourcing areas of your facilities management, your business can benefit from:

  • Streamlined business processes: Do more with what you already have. Our expert consultants will give you an impartial, holistic overview of what is and isn’t working in your business, so you can take your business to the next level.
  • Cut costs: Find areas to save money without impacting on performance. You don’t need to downsize to reduce costs. A strategic assessment of your current facilities and business processes will highlight areas where you could be needlessly overspending.
  • Take a load off: Proper facilities management will save you time and hassle, as well as money. Almeda can manage individual projects or take on every aspect of facilities management to advance your business.
  • Futureproof your business: Prepare for the worst to become the best. Put in place measures to ensure the continuity of your business and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re covered under any circumstance.
  • Ensuring statutory compliance: Take the headache away. Almeda provides all statutory compliance in relation to building services, including but not limited to water hygiene, pressure systems, gas safety, risk assessment, fire safety, management of asbestos, electrical testing, noise and air quality monitoring.

Facilities management consultancy

Almeda operates as a facilities management consultancy, advising businesses on how to best manage their processes and facilities. We specialise in performing an in-depth review of all aspects of a business to seek out ways to save time, money and resources.

At Almeda, we are especially passionate about helping businesses become more environmentally sustainable. Whether you’re simply looking for energy saving recommendations, or want to adopt more eco-friendly practices, we can help make your business greener.

Strategic planning and management

Use our high end, specialist FM consultancy services to make efficiencies across your business:

  • Space management: Optimising office or factory space to reduce rental costs and create a more time efficient workspace.
  • Environmental management: Reducing the impact of a business on the environment, through building improvements and energy saving optimisation.
  • Energy management & utilities procurement: Reducing costs through sourcing cheaper power and sustainable energy.
  • Life cycle costing preparation: Assessing the longevity of business assets and advising on the most cost-effective ways to source replacements. Strategic planning for future investments, to avoid surprise costs that could derail business growth.
  • Business continuity planning: Analysis of business processes in order to recommend and implement contingency measures, so that unexpected events don’t jeopardise the future of the business.
  • Disaster recovery planning: Dealing with events that impede normal business function, in order to resume normal operation as soon as possible, whether it be a natural, computing or other disaster.
  • Human Resources: Consultation, policy and the facilitation of TUPE transfer.
  • Health and Safety Management: Appointment of Competent Advisor in accordance with Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

At Almeda, we also offer hard FM services like preventative and reactive maintenance, to soft FM services like security systems, ground maintenance and planning office moves.

Integrated facilities management

At Almeda, we offer integrated facilities management, delivering as many services as you need to support the smooth running of your business. Total FM is an increasingly popular solution for businesses who are looking for a cost-effective, bundled service.

We employ a flexible approach to facilities management, offering bespoke services tailored to clients’ needs. Whether it be purely providing individual services, project management, or full FM, we have the capability and experience to best support your business.

Whatever you choose, you’ll get a dedicated project manager who will work closely alongside you and your team to make considerable positive changes to your business, as well as a 24/7, customer-focused support team.