Health and Safety Compliance

Health and safety compliance is imperative. It creates a better working environment within your commercial and manufacturing properties, which in turns furthers productivity and efficiency.

Almeda remove any associated worry or hassle that comes with health and safety compliance, and the associated guidelines for statutory HR compliance and sustainable corporate responsibility. Our team of facilities management experts take on board all of the required paperwork and administration, to ensure that your commercial properties are fully up to date with the latest regulations.

Effective health and safety compliance monitoring

In support of the services we offer to clients, we are externally audited and have created a bespoke, web-based platform to monitor the compliance levels of our partners in order that the best, safest services are provided to clients.

We also operate a rigorous permit system to ensure that all health and safety and insurance documentation is signed off prior to any works commencing.


Health and safety management: In addition to assessing buildings for their safety, we will provide full training for staff so that they are aware of potential risks and what to do if they occur.
Building surveys: Avoid structural damage and other potential risks; Almeda’s expert surveyors can assess whether your properties are structurally sound and safe for use.
Asbestos surveys: Every commercial building needs an Asbestos Management Survey and a management plan for asbestos if it is present. We will survey your premises, produce a report and construct a management plan.
DSE assessments: Computer workstations are often associated with neck, shoulder, back and arm pain, as well as eye strain. Display Screen Equipment compliancy is easy with our help; we find the potential risks and offer effective solutions.
DDA audits: We assess whether your premises are compliant with the latest disability Discrimination Acts. If there is room for improvement, we work with you to achieve the most cost effective solutions that will meet access needs.
Fire risk assessments: This assessment process includes looking at fire fighting equipment, fire detection and emergency procedures. If we spot flaws within existing systems, we will work with you to resolve these quickly and efficiently.
LOLER inspections: This assesses whether lifting equipment is used competently, supervised and carried out in a safe manner. Although not law, these inspections help to aid compliance with health and safety legislation.
PUWER inspections: We examine if working equipment is suitable for the intended use, safe, maintained correctly and is accompanied by relevant health and safety measures.
Utility testing: Almeda can ensure that your water hygiene levels and gas obligations are fully compliant with regulations, helping to create a better environment for your staff, and less of a risk to your business.
Electrical testing: If you want to reduce the likelihood of power shortages or cut outs, we can assess all electrical components in your commercial property. This includes portable appliance and fixed wire testing.
Documentation: Our team of experts can compile all relevant compliance documentation, make sure it is auditable and legible, and provide it in any procurement or accreditation process.

Experts in health and safety compliance and other necessary systems

In addition to health and safety compliance, Almeda can ensure that your work practices, product supplies and general ethics comply with sustainable and HR responsibility.

In terms of environmental corporate responsibility, we can ensure that your property is fully compliant with the latest carbon reduction and waste management schemes. This will help to reduce carbon footprints and expenditure.

We will also develop systems to ensure that your business or commercial property complies with regulations for the treatment of employees or staff, including working within labour laws to maintain efficient ventilation, breaks and ethical work standards.

Experts in commercial compliance

For a commercial property that fully meets necessary health and safety compliance, in addition to ethical standards and sustainable responsibility, Almeda’s team of experts are on hand to help. We have worked with a range of clients across the UK, to positively impact their work practices.