Manufacturing facility management

Within manufacture-based properties, there needs to be effective cleaning, maintenance and waste systems in place to ensure smooth and safe operations can be sustained and profits maximised.

Whether your manufacturing property is based in retail supplies, industrial manufacture or other forms of fabrication, Almeda can provide successful property management tailor-made to suit you and your employee’s requirements.

Along with dealing with general building maintenance, financial paperwork and other forms of hard or soft facilities management, Almeda’s knowledgeable staff know the specific components required to establish effective management of manufacturing properties. Our services directed at these sort of properties therefore include:

Soft facilities services

  • Cleaning: Almeda’s professional team of cleaners can help you to comply with health and safety regulations and create a better work environment for staff.
  • Waste and recycling: These factors are essential for a thriving modern industry. Whether dealing with hazardous waste, recyclables or materials that are hard to dispose of, Almeda will take on responsibility, allowing your business to be as efficient (and sustainable) as possible.
  • Statutory Human Resources (HR): we can deal with all of the paperwork and systems to ensure your employees have a safe working environment. This includes efficient breaks, ventilation and ethical work standards. We work within labour laws and regulations, optimising your compliancy.
  • Sustainability: We aim to make your manufacturing property as environmentally friendly as possible. We will introduce and manage carbon reduction schemes and energy expenditure budgets (saving on your carbon footprint and money output).
  • Risk assessments: Almeda can future proof your property by assessing fire and other accident risks and implementing the appropriate systems, signage and training.
  • Insurance preparation: We take on this time-consuming responsibility and help to keep your employees and business safe.

Facilities services:

  • Machine maintenance: For all mechanical and electrical repair of equipment, we ensure that there is rapid response to any technical glitches by our multi-skilled engineers.
  • Maintenance of industrial area: We repair any technical issues in the workplace, including to lights, lifts and doors.  
  • Electrical testing (PAT and fixed-wire testing): This involves the testing and visual inspection of any electrical systems that conduct electricity around a property or building. This includes any hard wiring and items such as main panels, lighting, sockets and distribution boards.

Examples of facilities management and services such as these help to keep manufacturing properties running smoothly and make employees feel good about going to work. Almeda’s manufacturing property management is designed to enhance performance and success.