A lesson in inspiration and motivation

Brady George Almeda
MOST students usually end the academic year with signed t-shirts and a bog-standard party.

But 250 school kids at Chilton Trinity comprehensive school in Bridgwater signed off for summer by being given a copy of the legendary 1937 business book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

They were each given a copy of the inspirational book by Brady George, 29, who is the managing director of Almeda, who have a turnover of £6 million.

Brady was the key note speaker at the school’s end of year celebration event and delivered a tub-thumping 30 minute motivational talk to students, about what it takes to be a success in life.

He also touched on his own background and the challenges he has had to overcome.

After his speech he gave each student a signed copy of the book; which had a personal message from him.

Brady says he wanted to hand each student a copy of the book because of the impact it had on his own life.

He comments: “I didn’t get much inspiration or support from my teachers. It wasn’t until I left school and began to read books such as Think and Grow Rich that I became inspired.

The book changed my life and has contributed to my success; so I wanted to give a copy to each student.”

Brady continues: “It’s important that students from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to push the boundaries in education, to think differently and learn that it is OK to fail sometimes. It doesn’t matter where you are from; you can make a difference in life.”

Lesley Greenwood, Headmistress at Chilton Trinity, comments: “Brady’s speech was honest and inspirational. It was just what our students needed to hear. We were delighted to welcome him to our school to motivate the students; and it was a class act for him to sign each book individually.”

Think and Grow Rich explores what traits successful people have; and not only looks at how to become a financial success but a person that makes a positive difference in life.