Almeda celebrate landmark UK first

Gary George (left) & Brady George (right)
Gary George (left) & Brady George (right)

Almeda is celebrating the launch of a landmark ‘masterpiece’ that represents the future of the city.

Almeda maintain and manage the iconic @Bristol site, on the harbourside in Bristol, and worked closely with the charity and its partners on the planning and build a solar power tree at millennium square.

The finished build is a 15ft (4.5m) metal tree with multi-directional solar panels; and the ‘solar tree’ represents a UK first, as there is no other construction like it in the country.

The exhibit, which took twelve months to construct, has been built in-conjunction with Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital and was sculpted and designed by artist John Packer, along with Bristol based Demand Energy Equality.

It will provide free mobile phone charging points and Wi-Fi and was built with help from recovering addicts, from the Bristol Drugs Project.

Almeda management met with John Packer and the Founder of Demand Energy Equality to switch on the solar tree.

Brady George, 28, is Operations Manager at Almeda, comments: “The solar tree represents a bright future for Bristol and we are proud to have been involved and proud to manage this site and work with @Bristol.

“Social and environmental responsibility is important to Almeda, so hats off to the team who have designed and built the tree and by doing so created opportunities for people looking to turn their lives around.”