Almeda launch ‘Bristol Green Alliance’ Project on Bristol’s famous Harbourside

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Almeda launches it’s exciting Bristol Green Alliance Project on the 2nd January 2015 in line with European green capital.

The project, initially being launched on Bristol famous Harbourside, the first phase of the project will be focussing on waste and cost reduction, carbon footprint reduction, increasing recyclable percentages and educating businesses and the local community on wider waste issues and empowering people and businesses to take action.

Almeda are teaming up with Destination Bristol and the at-Bristol Science Centre. at-Bristol are the first business to sign up to the project and are very keen to get involved and support the local community. To provide additional support, at-bristol have also agreed to host the workshops within at-bristol conference space, putting at-bristol firmly at the heart of the Bristol Green Alliance project.

Almeda are keen to commit to running an event and workshop schedule throughout the year if 30 or more businesses sign up to the project. Not only will business benefit from a reduction in their waste costs but will also be helping support the local community in reducing the collective carbon footprint and education the community on dealing with our communities waste.

Workshops will include: