Almeda launches scheme to feed our own staff

New allotment at Almeda offices

Here at Almeda we are going to extra special lengths to ensure our staff not only don’t go hungry but also get their five a day.

We are based at Redwood House on Bristol Road in Keynsham, and our staff here can pick and eat their own fruit and vegetables from self-made urban allotments that have been built in the grounds of the business.

Brady George, who is our Managing Director of our firm, came up with the idea in order to promote health and wellbeing amongst our staff.

He comments: “To be honest I was amazed when some of the younger guys and girls on our graduate programme said they had never eaten fruit and vegetables, so I decided to do something about it and grow healthy food on-site.

“A healthy diet and keeping active is so important and businesses have a responsibility to do all they can to support staff. I thought rather than talk about it, let’s put a scheme into action and make every effort to allow our team to be as healthy as they can.”

At the moment the allotments cover much of the outside grounds but Brady has plans to increase the size and grow enough food to feed every member of the Almeda team for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

“It’s not going to be for everybody but if you want to get your five a day and save some money, then there’s nothing stopping you. We haven’t got rid of the communal microwave just yet but I’d say its days could be numbered,” he says.