Bristol Green Alliance project gains traction

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We have joined a group of influential business and community leaders to launch a new sustainable initiative across the city.

Destination Bristol and Happy City Project have joined us in the official launch of Bristol Green Alliance.

The scheme is the brainchild of Brady George, Operations Director at Almeda, who has spent months planning the launch.

The initiative will see workshops given to business owners, schools and community members on waste and cost reduction, carbon footprint reduction, increasing recyclable percentages and educating businesses and the local community on wider waste issues and empowering them to take action.

Organisers say they are looking for businesses and schools to sign up to the scheme; and they will soon be rolling out a series of free workshops.

Empowering people at every level

Brady George, Operations Director at Almeda, first devised the initiative and says that once twenty firms have signed up, the date and time of the first event will be revealed.

He comments: “Fundamentally Bristol Green Alliance is about grass roots collaboration, so rather than putting together a commercial project and being top down, we’re demonstrating what we can all do together.

“There are so many great initiatives already doing similar things – we certainly aren’t the only ones – but hopefully we can play our part in what looks like a real shift towards being more sustainable as businesses and people.

Brady continues: “It is very easy for larger firms and corporates to influence the narrative around sustainability and the impact they have is crucial. But with this scheme we are looking to empower people at every level to enact real and lasting change at a grass roots level.”

Jon Hirst, CEO of Destination Bristol, comments: “There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to sustainability and this project will provide a link between businesses and community members and offer practical and sound advice on how to implement change, without having to spend lots of money.

“Destination Bristol is delighted to back the scheme.”

Mike Zeidler, founder of the Happy City Project in Stokes Croft, comments: “The question we’re most often asked by people who are interested in living happier lives, is ‘what can I do’?

“The Bristol Green Alliance will get people connecting, teach them new things in simple ways, give the satisfaction of achievement and a sense of fulfilment as they realise they’re making a meaningful contribution to society.

“All these things increase wellbeing, whilst generating low cost, low carbon and high community happiness. So we’re delighted to refer people to the Bristol Green Alliance as a scheme that helps make Bristol a Happy City to live in.”