Donated furniture upcycled from Almeda food with passion refurbishment


Almeda are delighted to have seen the fantastic work Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) have completed on furniture donated from Almeda’s food with passion catering division.


Creating inspired furniture from recycled materials


Based in Filwood Green Business Park, Knowle West Media Centre is an arts organisation and charity based in Bristol and has been supporting individuals and communities to get the most out of digital technologies and the arts since 1996.

Through Almeda food with passion, international building materials company Hanson UK donated wooden tables and chairs from their on-site restaurant refurbishment, after engaging Almeda to completely renovate its in-house restaurant. Almeda, food with passion was tasked with not just providing and cooking fresh, local and healthy food but also building and refurbishing the restaurant space.

The Almeda team recently visited the KWMC Factory to see the upcycling undertaken. The furniture was given an uplift through replacement hexagon wooden surfaces, inlaid with bright neon perspex to offer a modern twist. The chair were also upcycled, with laser cutting used to add intricate design to the seating.

These upcycled pieces of furniture will be kept by KWMC and used for a variety of purposes including events, training and educational sessions.


Positive impact for staff


Almeda, food with passion is a first-of-its-kind service offered by a total Facilities Management company and looks to represent genuine positive change by valuing local, organic, nutritious and ethically sourced produce above everything else.

This is a tailored made service, working closely with staff on the types of food they want, creating a menu around this which is healthy and sustainable. It gives organisations the opportunity to re-invigorate their on-site staff restaurants and food areas.