Food with passion – new video!

We’re hugely excited to present our new video for our foodservices company food with passion!

Back in March 2015, international building materials company Hanson UK worked closely with food with passion to completely renovate its in-house restaurant. We not only designed and refurbished their restaurant and break out space, we also sourced and cooked fresh and healthy food every day, tailoring the offering directly to Hanson’s requirements.


Food with passion – caring about people and the environment


The ethos behind our new foodservice offering is that it is set to lead the way in changing perceptions around food and sustainability.

We value local, organic, nutritious and ethically sourced produce above everything else, alongside the health and wellbeing of individuals. We passionately believe that eating well can improve not only your health but your happiness, while helping you become more productive and engaged in the work place.

This new offering is a vehicle to do good, working with businesses and organisations to re-vamp and re-invigorate their staff catering services. All of our solutions that are tailor-made to each individual’s requirements.

Take a sneak peek to see what was achieved at Hanson UK and what we can do for you.