Happy World FM Day!

World Facilities Management Day

Today is a great opportunity to congratulate all fellow facilities management (FM) professionals on their hard-work and achievements in the Facilities Management profession through World FM Day.


World FM Day


This special day is instigated by Global FM to recognise the vital work that facilities management professionals and the facilities management industry contributes to business worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the FM profession, not just in member regions, but anywhere FMs influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of people who utilise the built environment.

World FM Day, which is led by Global FM through its World FM Day Task Force, has been an annual celebration since 2009. It aims to recognise the vital work that FM professionals, and the FM sector, contributes to businesses worldwide whilst raising the profile of the FM profession across the globe. All FM professionals are welcome to host events such as social media activity, luncheons, seminars and workshops, or by undertaking any other activity to celebrate and promote FM during the week 11 – 15 July.


Empowering People for a Productive World


Today’s theme will be ‘Empowering people for a productive world’, and looks at how facilities management enables different business disciplines to collaborate to deliver high quality business performance. At the crux of this theme is how FM professional empower people to reach their full potential and in turn create a productive, happy and healthy world.


Our Community


We work hard with our community to help deliver empowering opportunities to those around us, working collaboratively to deliver real and effective change.

It is a privilege to be united with both fellow professionals and those in our community in the aim of celebrating FM while increasing awareness of how it can empower people for a productive world.

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