Sports venue management

Almeda manages sports facilities and venues, including football stadiums, sports centres, cricket pitches and recreational grounds. With Almeda’s help, your sports venue can be optimised for visitors and employees alike, making it a clean, safe and appealing place to visit or work in.

Our services come in the form of hard and soft:

Hard services

  • Repair of buildings: Almeda’s multi-skilled staff can fix any building repairs, whether entrances, lifts, lighting, chairs, showers or other features.
  • Redesign: We can manage complete re-designs of fittings, fabrics or buildings, helping to optimise the appeal of your venue for visitors and staff.

Soft services:

  • Cleaning: The main aspect of your sports venue is probably a pitch, green or track, making cleanliness of this area essential. Our dedicated team of staff clean grounds, viewing platforms and interior areas to make them appealing for spectators, sportsmen and staff.
  • Grounds maintenance: In addition to general cleaning, we manage grass cutting, track preparation and general management of grounds to keep them in the best condition.
  • Security: We can provide efficient guarding for sports facilities and any events, including surveillance cameras or re-designing locking systems.
  • Health and safety: We ensure that your sports venue complies with all health and safety regulations, including by providing paramedics for sportsmen and setting up fire assembly points and risk assessments.
  • Catering: Whether you are hosting a fixture, sportsmen are training or you are entertaining clients, we provide fantastic catering options for visitors and staff. This includes options for platters, buffets and vending or full menus and eating areas. We provide tasty solutions prepared and served by professional catering staff.

By offering hard and soft management facilities such as the above, in addition to many more, Almeda take away the stress of dealing with any mundane paperwork, whether for tax, leases, insurance or other administrative factors. We ensure sports facilities and venues can run smoothly day-to-day, for specific events and for the long term. In turn, this helps to ensure the success of your business (or a favourite sports team!).