Sustainable facilities management

At Almeda, we are keen to create as little impact on the environment as possible and make this a key part of our facility management strategies. We encourage all of our customers and stakeholders to be aware of corporate responsibility, environmental management and sustainability.

This otherwise means that both Almeda and our clients should be aware of their impact on local and global environments. This includes the in-house environment (managing water hygiene and health and safety for example) and the wider environment (including carbon footprinting or providing foodstuffs from sustainable sources).

Fortunately, Almeda can take on board the responsibilities of corporate sustainability and environmental management. We make facilities management easier with a range of services, both small-scale or system based. Whether you want someone to take away the hassle of recycling or to develop a wider carbon reduction solution for your business, no form of sustainable facility and environmental management work is too small or large for Almeda.

Environmental services

We offer the following services to help your business comply with health and safety standards, and achieve its environmental sustainability goals.

  • Carbon Reduction Solutions: Our highly knowledgeable staff work out how your company can have as little carbon impact on the environment as possible. Through calculating each and every emission that your business produces, Almeda actively works on the changes that can be made to improve the long term sustainability of the environment and your business.
  • Energy expenditure: Not only can our professional energy consultants help to reduce your carbon footprint, they can save you money through managing energy expenditure. They will work out an effective energy scheme which is tailor-made for your individual business. This includes dealing with factors such as testing the energy efficiency of air conditioning and completing renewable energy surveys and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s). Almeda will manage it all, saving you on carbon output, time and money!
  • In-house health and safety: As well as offering soft sustainable facilities management (cleaning, waste management and recycling) we can ensure that your water and food sources meet hygiene standards and come from sustainable sources.

In general, by raising awareness of environmentally sustainable business practices and implementing appropriate solutions and schemes, Almeda help to ensure the future preservation and success of your business, without damaging the environment in the process.